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SALVO’s facilities include our purpose-built range 29 metres or so in length (licensed by the Home Office), which allows us to shoot with complete safety at a variety of distances, typically 10 metres, 20 yards and 25 yards. We can shoot ‘prone’ (lying down with shooting jackets and slings on special mats), or standing behind tables with separator boards between shooters.

Facilities for disabled shooters include a purpose made shooting bench called a Bench Rest. Using this a shooter who finds it difficult to stand or lie comfortably can participate in recreational or competitive shooting. Access to the range does include a couple of steps but thanks to a grant from Horsham District Council we have purchased a wheelchair Ramp. We will be investigating how we can further improve our facilities with the help of the Disabled Shooting Project, whose website can be accessed here.

The target area has fixed targets at low-level for prone shooters and at eye-level for standing disciplines, all lit by bright multi-level lighting.

Special tables with ‘separators’ are used for standing disciplines.

Our range has an integral club room. Here shooters can gather and discuss the finer points of their sport, clean and adjust guns, and prepare themselves for their ‘detail’ of shooting. Trainees can be instructed here before moving into the range proper to carry on their training under supervision. Members can also relax here after their shoot, and carry out the all-important scoring of their targets when competing in postal leagues (competitions).

Our comprehensive training programme run by NSRA and NRA trained instructors ensures beginners progress safely in their chosen disciplines and are entirely proficient before passing from probationary to full membership.

We provide clothing, safety glasses, ear defenders and have a selection of club rifles for the use of members without their own, including bolt-actions for Prone, and semi-auto and underlever action rifles for LSR. We can provide secure storage for members' guns if required.

By maintaining our affiliation to the National Rifle Association (NRA) we are able to use the open air ranges at Bisley for full-bore shooting together with their associated facilities and benefits. We typically make 6 or so club visits to Bisley over the spring, summer and autumn for practice and competitions.

Our NSRA and NRA trained Range Control Officers supervise all shooting and ensure all attendees have logged in and completed their individual shooting records, once training is complete.

Some disciplines are shot prone, others standing or even kneeling. As well as competing with other shooters you always have the weather to contend with!

Full Bore shooting is administered by the National Rifle Association (NRA) - no relation to the US organisation of the same name. If you want to visit their website a new tab will be opened in your browser, and their site accessed, by clicking here.

Every year we spend some mornings or whole days at Bisley, the home of Full Bore Shooting in the UK.

Full Bore shooting covers a number of gun types and disciplines, from underlever rifles with pistol calibre ammunition, to single shot bolt action rifles which can be much more accurate than the people shooting them.  Full Bore is generally shot outside and at much greater distances, from 100 yards to 1200 yards (that’s two-thirds of a mile!) when you become really good at it! Black Powder pistols and rifles are also shot in similar style.

Small Bore shooting is administered by the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA). If you want to visit their website a new tab will be opened in your browser, and their site accessed, by clicking here.